Olga and Matthijs… a great day despite the rain

The weddingday from Olga and Matthijs was a beautiful day. Matthijs had decided that they should get married in Veere and so on this day there was a huge amount of international guests in this little village.

In the morning Olga and Matthijs were getting ready at their hotel in Domburg. Olga had some help from her friends and her daughter Lisa. Good atmosphere it was, and as soon as I entered the room I was offered a glass of champagne as well ;-). The room was actually very nice to get pictures of all the accesories. Love the shoes with the poster of the seagulls in the back. Matthijs and Olga drove with their weddingcar (a nice white MG) to the harbour of Veere where all the guests waited for them. The ceremony in the cityhall in Veere was so nice! There were so many guests that they had another room below where the guests could follow the ceremony by live video. When Olga and Matthijs kissed you could hear them applaude first which was very funny. After the ceremony we boarded on a great ship where all the guests could enjoy cake, champagne and live music, and ofcourse got a chance to congratulate the bride & groom! We explored Veere after that to get some nice relaxed photos of Olga & Matthijs together. The rain stopped miraculously at that time!

After a short break for all the guests the party continued at the beachclub Noordduine in Domburg where they enjoyed a great BBQ (lobster or oysters anyone?), the FeestStudio and some great music!! It was clear that Olga & Matthijs loved to dance so that definetely concluded a great day in Veere. Olga & Matthijs enjoy the photos, we loved capturing your day!


First applause from the room downstairs…


And then this room rocked!


The masters of ceremony had everything under control 😉


After the break Olga changed in a fantastic blue eveningdress.



The father of Matthijs speeched.


The thank you speech from Olga and Matthijs was so funny 😉 and they are so obviously in love with eachother, it brightened up the room.



Ere wie ere toekomt:
Bloemen, boeket & corsages – Bloemenatelier Esperance
Ballonnen – firma Kip&Co
Dress – Pronuptia, London
Pak – Pal Zileri, London
Trouwringen – Wedding Ring Workshop, London
Engagement ring – Diamond Land, Antwerpen
Trouwauto – RPM Events, Dongen
Haar – Danny in het Badhotel
Hotel – Badhotel Domburg
Ontvangst – Jachtclub Veere
Trouwerij – Stadhuis Veere
Boottocht, taart – rederij Dijkhuizen
BBQ & Feest – Strandpaviljoen Noordduine, Domburg
Beeld en Geluid tijdens trouwerij – Tjoonk Geluidstechniek
Champagne op boot – Rob, Rogier, Chantal en Elise
Jazz op boot – Rob’s Swing Jazz Quintet
Band op Beach Club – Roundabout, Hasselt, Belgie
DJ op Beach Club – Van de Waart Drive-in